A camping trip in a Thing

This was a 25 day camping trip in a VW Thing by Sanders Schurm all pictures were made by him and are owned by him. He has done what a lot of Thing owners would like to do out having fun in the car that they love and doing what the car was made for . You can contact him on Facebook You can see all his pictures on our Photo Galleries. (this is a note from Sanders) (A month long /1000 mile trip in November 2017 in Central Calif. I had everything I needed to camp in some kinda remote places. Some places in the picture Big Sur and the Carrizo Plain National Monument. I am the proud owner of this Thing for the last 25 years. Camping with your Thing is the bonding at its best. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks Sanders Schurm

Kubeltreffen 2017

This was one of the best great weather . We had 33 Things from 12 states . Go to the picture Galleries to see all the photos from the show and be ready for next year. It should be better that this year and remember it will always be Kubeltreffen East the first and the best. See you in 2018

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