One thought on “All Things are restorable”

  1. My brother and I rebuilt this Thing 7 years ago on a very limited budget out of spare parts in our garage’s . This then I have put 33000 miles on it I drive it every day it has been to many shows in the summer almost every week Me and the family are at a cruise. Is has been on a drag strip I have driven it on the Monster Mile Nascar track it has been to shows with over 10000 cars . In that time I have replaced the transmission ( I did not like the Thing tranny ) burned 1 piston I Was going 90 on a hot day. Since then My brother and I have started this website put on a few Kubel treffen shows and built a few Things for the Thing Shop and are still building them for them had a Thing that we built on TV at Barrett Jackson I am now 70 and still going. Thanks for all the support for this website and the shows.

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